Why Save?

What is the point of amassing fortune, why save at all? One word – independence. You don’t want to be a slave to credit companies or banks, you want to be free to do what you want when without having to take it from the government or wait for it in a huge line. Conversely, you should not make wealth accumulation the top priority of your life, it is only a tool to do what you want to do and if you have a family the rewards are multiplied. Want to go on an international vacation with your whole family? This will cost you – for example if you want to stay in reasonably accommodations for two weeks in England from the US you should be willing to spend $20,000 to enjoy your time there and not have to share a restroom and live like a hippy. It is important through all this to realize that having money is not the purpose of having money – unless of course your name starts with Ebenezer.

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